Hello, my name is Jeremy

I'm a freelance software developer

I've been writing code for about ten years and I still discover new things almost everyday. This site is where I share what I learn and what I make. It is built with the static site generator Jekyll and is hosted on Github Pages. The source code is available on Github too. In addition to Jekyll, I also make use of D3.js, three.js and my own drawing library Pixelspace for creating visualizations and programmatic sketches.

In the work section of this site you'll find an archive of many of the projects I've worked on over the course of my career. Like the rest of this site, the archive is a constant work in progress :)

In the blog section you'll find a medley of articles describing my work, experiments, research and insights.

You can find me around the web on the various social platforms. Feel free to get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by!

last updated: 2018-01-23